Thursday, April 19, 2012


  • what is punishment for deep frying feces?

    Is there a way to make your poop softer when its already to come out?

    Q:My belly hair is really dark. How do i make it blend in with my skin tone before the summer?! (3 days ago)
    A: Weaves come in 2 forms, natural&synthetic. Natural is just that- actual hair. Buying a natural weave would make the hair blend in better.

    Do all mexacans work on roofs?

    Q: how did people travel in 3000 bc? (14 days ago)
    A: In 3000 B.C. Humans first experimented with spinning, dyeing, and weaving cotton for clothing purposes in the Indus Valley region of what's now nor...

    Q: did obama do anything? (6 days ago)
    A: Yes. As president, Barack Obama signed economic stimulus legislation in the form of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 and the Tax ...

    Q: is kim jong il from pluto? (1 minute ago)
    A: Kim Jong Il was born Feb 16 1941, and ruled the nation of North Korea for most of his adult life. He died on Dec 17 2011, likely of pancreatic cancer.

    Q: are humans decended from velociraptors? (54 seconds ago)
    A: Humans did not descend from dinosaurs. Sorry! Thanks for asking, though! ChaCha the night away!!

    Q: What happens if you throw spaghetti to a black hole? (19 days ago)
    A: With technology today it is only possible to measure the radius of a black hole. No one knows what goes on inside it. ChaCha on!

    Q: Im in a aleyway and someone wants to fuck me should i let her (8 days ago)
    A: Suicide is a very serious matter. Let her talk and get her feelings out. Sometimes just talking can help. Call 1-800-2ChaCha!

    Q: Is it good to suck someone? (8 days ago)
    A: It doesn't help you in any way, but it does not lead to breast cancer. ChaCha!

    Can u straighten or curl a moxi girls hair?

    Q: why does a tanpon hurt but sex is saposed to feel good? (10 days ago)
    A: Sometimes people like a little pain and pleasure mixed together. Everyone is different. More questions? ChaCha is here for you!"